Quote1 When you play around with matches -- you can expect to get burned! Quote2
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In 1944, an ambitious thug calling himself "the Match" took over a small gang in Empire City, using neither rods nor shivs but only ordinary kitchen matches. In his hands, these simple items were extraordinarily versatile tools for creating distractions, setting traps, and committing murder. He was also quite quick on his feet and adept at punching; he ambushed and knocked out a series of five police patrolmen, leaving matches to be found with the knocked-out cops, just to establish his brand. One night he punched out officer Dan Richards, which brought down Empire City's local vigilante Manhunter onto his case, and shortly later he was sitting in a puddle, with the seat of his trousers burnt out of them, waiting for the police, while Manhunter and his dog had a hearty laugh at his expense.

Although he was arrested at that point, no existing records identify the real name of "the Match."

Enemy of Manhunter



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