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Matilda Mathis is the daughter of the Dollmaker, and operates as Dollhouse.


Born to a young Barton Mathis, the Dollmaker raised his firstborn and favorite daughter to sick and twisted ideals, teaching her how to hunt and slaughter people. Prior to taking up the name Dollhouse, Matilda had a doll face grafted on top of hers and wore a nurse's outfit, killing her victims with a sledgehammer. Eventually, with her own appearance altered, Matilda began to join her father in his organ trading business under his unknown master. When the Dollmaker kidnapped the Batman, though, the business started to go wrong. Eventually, Matilda was forced to retreat and go into hiding with her father.

Secret Society

The only child of the Dollmaker's to resurface, Matilda became known as Dollhouse. She vowed to continue her grandfather's "hunting game" and her father's organ trade. Donning a giant robe and becoming more ruthless than ever, Dollhouse began preying on transients. However, her new organ trade attracted the ire of Catwoman and their battles again forced Dollhouse to go into hiding.

When the Crime Syndicate took over, Matilda joined the Secret Society, deciding it was time for her to resurface. However, within the Society, Matilda stayed low level, mostly spending her time drinking in pubs. Eventually, while retaining her Society membership, Matilda rejoined her father, guarding his headquarters which were located at the Gotham Harbour. Attacked by the Joker's Daughter, Matilda failed to stop the madwoman from confronting her father.[1]


  • Various Medical Tools

  • Barton Mathis' father, and Matilda's grandfather, is a serial killer named Wesley Mathis. However, in Catwoman (Volume 4) #12, Matilda claims that Barton Mathis' father is the Toyman. The Toyman's son, Anton Schott, also used the Dollmaker alias, which may be the origin of the confusion.



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