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[[Image:Supergirl - Matrix.jpg|frame|right|Matrix as Supergirl]]
[[Image:Supergirl - Matrix.jpg|frame|right|Matrix as Supergirl]]
'''Real Name:''' Matrix <br>
'''Real Name:''' Matrix <br>

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File:Supergirl - Matrix.jpg

Real Name: Matrix
Nicknames: Mae
Former Aliases: No known former alias
Other Current Aliases: No other known current aliases


Occupation: Adventurer
Legal Status: Legal status unknown
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Marital status unknown
Group Affiliation: Teen Titans
Base of Operations: Mobile


Artificial lifeform created by a Lex Luthor from another universe.

Place of Birth: unknown
Known Relatives: Jon and Martha Kent ("foster" parents)
First Appearance: SUPERMAN Vol. 2 #16 (April, 1988)
Final Appearance: SUPERGIRL Vol. 3 #1-2 [1996] (merged with Linda)


An artificial 'protoplasmic' lifeform, Matrix was the only survivor from a pocket universe destroyed by super-powered Kryptonian criminals despite Superman (Kal-El/Clark Kent)'s assistance. She had been created by the Lex Luthor of that world, a benevolent scientist, out of the dying body of that universe's Lana Lang. She was created in the image of "Supergirl" as a homage to that world's Superboy, the only hero of their universe, after Superboy left for the future. Supergirl was then sent to our world to retrieve Superman and bring him to help defend against the Kryptonian criminals, but they returned to late to stop the insane Kryptonians from destroying all life on that world. Supergirl was badly injured in the battle and Superman was forced to do the unthinkable to stop the three fugitives.


Superman took the wounded Matrix with him back to his universe, entrusting her at first in the care of his parents, who called her "Mae". Unsure of itself, the shapeshifter began to model itself after Superman. It also assumed the role of Clark Kent briefly when the real Superman was in self imposed exile in outer space. Eventually, Superman returned and Matrix, still locked in Superman's image, banished herself into outer space. She was found by Maxima and Draaga, who mistook her for the real Superman. During a fight with Draaga, she shifted back into her Supergirl image. Both Draaga and Matrix were then taken to Warworld and brainwashed by Brainiac into serving him.[1] Brainiac was planning an invasion of Earth, but Superman (rallying most of Earth's heroes) launched a preemptive strike against Warworld. Early in the fighting, Draaga and Matrix both managed to shake off Brainiac's brainwashing and join with Superman. [2] Supergirl managed to convince Maxima to switch sides as well. She was prepared to sacrifice herself to destroy a bomb Brainiac sent after the team, but Draaga (having sworn to protect her) sacrificed himself instead, much to Matrix's heartache. [3] After Brainiac was defeated, Supergirl buried Draaga on an asteroid. She decided to keep the image and name Supergirl and return to Earth.[4]

Upon returning to Earth, she met Lex Luthor and allied herself with him. At this time, Luthor was posing as his son, Lex Luthor II. In her universe, Luthor had been a brave and honorable man and she assumed that he was similar. Supergirl became Luthor's bodyguard and lover, much to Superman's chagrin (who still had his doubts about this new Luthor).[5] When Doomsday emerged, Luthor kept Supergirl from joining the fray until the battle between the monster and Doomsday reached Metropolis itself. Unfortunately, Doomsday was so powerful that he quickly overcame Matrix, hitting her so hard that she was reduced to her protoplasm state. [6] Supergirl was grieved at the loss of the Man of Steel, and decided to try and live up to legacy and defend Metropolis. When Superman's body was stolen by Cadmus, Supergirl decided to investigate, leading to a battle with the Underworlders.[7] When Lois Lane discovered that it was Cadmus that stole the body, Supergirl retrieved the body herself and saw that it was reburied.[8]Supergirl also led Team Luthor alongside Lex during Superman's absence.[9]After Superman's return from the dead, she briefly posed as Clark Kent to preserve his secret identity (i.e. explaining where Clark had been).

Eventually, she discovered that Luthor had been attempting to clone an army based off of her. Upon discovering this, she uncovered the full nature of Luthor's duplicity and ended their relationship. She only stopped short of killing Luthor by Superman's intervention.[10] It was at this point that the truth about Luthor (him being the original Luthor in a cloned body) was discovered.

Matrix also briefly joined the Teen Titans after helping them defeat an evil version of Raven.

During the Trial of Superman, Supergirl was one of the heroes recruited by the Alpha Centurion into the Superman Rescue Squad. She traveled into space with the team to rescue the Man of Steel from the Tribunal.

Matrix had promised to find a missing woman, Linda Danvers. Linda had fallen in with cultists and was to be sacrificed. She was stabbed repeatedly by Buzz. Matrix bonded itself to the dying Linda, forming a new being--Supergirl (Linda Danvers).


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs (xxx kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Unusual Features: No unusual features


Known Powers:

  • super strength
  • superspeed and flight
  • Shapeshifting
  • Psychokinetic blasts and shields
  • Invisibility

Known Abilities: No known abilities.
Strength Level: Strength level unknown


Equipment: No known equipment.
Transportation: No known transportation.
Weapons: No known weapons.



  • Matrix's existence in canon has been placed in doubt following Infinite Crisis, although some editors at DC do insist that Linda Danvers is still around.

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