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Matthew Bland, the Red Lion, is the President-for-life of the African nation of Buredunia.

Bland hired Deathstroke to ensure that Congressman Hasgrove was re-elected, because Hasgrove was preventing U.S. intervention between his faction and rebels in his country. After getting Deathstroke to change into the Ikon Suit, Bland gained possession of Slade's old Promethium armor, and re-fashioned it into his own.



  • Promethium Armor: Red Lion's suit is made out of a Promethium-mesh. Promethium is an extremely strong material with several specifications that enhance Bland in battle.[1]
    • Claws: Red Lion's suit of Promethium Armor boasts retractable claws. These claws are also made out of Promethium and can therefore cut through extremely dense and tough materials. Red Lion was able to tear into Cyborg's Promethium casing using his claws.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Red Lion's promethium armor can absorb most forms of energy. This energy is then used to enhance Bland, usually by making him stronger and faster then humanly possible.[1]


  • Red Lion's Helicopter[2]



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