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Matthew Kim is a Central City metahuman that is able to swap people's DNA; Cisco Ramon nicknamed him Melting Point.

Matthew Kim worked as an EMT in Central City Hospital before being turned into a meta by a Speed Force portal that released amounts of dark matter that hit the bus he was in: Kim gained the ability to alter people's DNA and, as a consequence, the power to steal superpowers and gift them to other people.

Some months later, Kim was present as fellow metahuman Erik Frye was tried to rob Central City bank: he extracted Frye's pyrokinetic power and passed it to another citizen, Jaco Birch, without realizing it. Frye was arrested by Central City Police Department and Kim was referred to as a hero.

Team Flash tracked him so Iris and Joe West tried to talk to him but the metahuman turned against them, forcing The Flash to intervene: Kim used his ability on the superhero to steal his Speed Force connection which was transferred to Iris who became a speedster herself. Later, Melting Point, as Cisco Ramon had previously nicknamed him, discovered that Birch, who had been gifted Frye's ability, was rampaging through the city with his newfound powers: Kim reached him but his attempt to steal again the ability failed. As Iris defeated the pyrokinetic meta, Kim apologized to both the girl and Barry to whom he passed gain his super-speed: the couple warned him about the Thinker so he chose to stay in the S.T.A.R. Labs for his own protection.[1]

Eventually, DeVoe broke into the Labs and stole Kim's power, ultimately killing him.[2]



  • As events unfolded differently on Earth-Prime so that Janet Petty aka Null was shown to be still alive,[3] it is possible that Matthew Kim was never murdered in the Post-Crisis timeline.