The brother of Terry McGinnis, Matt discovered that his brother was Batman shortly before Terry travelled back in time to face Brother Eye. After losing his brother and initially being unaccepting of Tim Drake acting in his stead, Matt left Neo-Gotham and explored Metropolis, where he helped awaken the Justice League Beyond and use them to stop The Evil Factory. After discovering that Terry was still alive and under the control of the Evil Factory, via their agent Spellbinder, Matt was instrumental in saving his brother's mind and restoring his sanity.


Matt McGinnis is the younger brother of Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond, he often helps Terry out in anyway he can whether it be from behind the computer back at the bat cave, or getting out in the field to do his part, Matt and Terry have a strong brotherly bond. Matt was eager to help Terry, Bruce even stated he was full of fire like, but then cut himself off before saying what is safe to assume is Robin, Matt would sneak around the Batcave watching old training videos of Bruce and Damian doing as they would do. One day when Bruce had come back from a back surgery with strict orders from the doctor to rest Terry and Matt made it their sworn duty to make sure he does that, Terry had to go off and deal with his old friend/enemy Stalker, one of the greatest hunters in that time needed to weaken Terry to get food and water for his people, Dana was calling Bruce telling him to do something, Bruce tried to get up but Matt sat him back down. Matt kept trying to get Bruce to let him out and help Terry as Robin but Bruce didn't want to do this. When the situation got out of hand Bruce tried to get up again but the pain was too much, he could barely walk saying he hated being helpless, Matt replied maybe you are but I'm not and revealed that he had watched the training videos, Matt then grabbed a hammer and smashed the display case for the Robin suit, he then asked if Bruce was okay with it and Bruce told him to go, so Matt put the suit on and took off on Robin's motorcycle/hover-cycle.

Later Matt is given his own high tech Robin suit stated by Bruce to have offensive and defensive capabilities equal to Terry's suit.


  • Gadgetry
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): From watching training videos of Damian in private and copying as Damian did he taught himself Martial Arts and later learned more from Bruce and Terry.


  • The Robin Beyond suit


  • Gas Pellets
  • Batarangs
  • Explosives



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