Quote1 No time. Crazy tale. You wouldn't believe it. Had a vision. I'm an old western lawman reborn. He guarded old Opal. The vision made me see the error of my ways. Quote2
Matt O'Dare src
Matt O'Dare was a law enforcement officer in Opal City.

In fact, the entire O'Dare family are officers and were great friends of Jack Knight during his tenure as Starman.

At first, Matt was a crooked cop who took bribes. He tried to amend his sins, with the help of the Shade, after he realized that he was the reincarnation of Brian Savage (Scalphunter).[1]


  • As a police officer, Matt had legal access to firearms.


  • Police vehicles.


  • Two pistols; one being his service semi-automatic and the other was a revolver.



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