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Quote1.png I have dealt with problems of immeasurable magnitude. I have watched hundreds of millions be born and die. I have seen entire worlds fall and helped restore the flow of time itself. Quote2.png
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Matthew Ryder was the second Waverider, taking over for his alternate self from the future.

Linear Men

Another member of the Linear Men is Matthew Ryder, a normal looking Time Traveler, from the future that replaced the one from which Waverider came. Instead of working for Monarch, Matt Ryder worked for Lex Luthor.

At a time when both Waverider and Matt Ryder are working together for the Linear Men, Waverider I tries to save his grandfather whom he watched die of a heart attack as a child. Matt Ryder stops him, and proves to Waverider that it was Matt's grandfather rather than Waverider's.

Zero Hour

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During Zero Hour and after the absorption of Waverider, Matt Ryder was told by Metron that to save the universe, precise time travel of which only Waverider is capable, was needed. The Linear Man Matt Ryder became the new Waverider.


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The villainous offspring of Doctor Sivana, Junior and Georgia, are seen rebuilding their missing father's sphere of Suspendium, currently able to let them travel in time and change their unpopular past for the better. Able to open a gateway in the past, but having to suspend their experiment, they were able to see Waverider in the time-stream, but failed to recognize him before shutting down the machine. On the second day of week 27, at 05:25:20, an anxious Waverider is seen talking with the dying Time Commander, one of the former time travelling villains he tried to recruit in his efforts to save the timeline, shortly before Skeets finds out they're hiding and kills the Time Commander. He then questions Waverider, trying to extort the whereabouts of his enemy, Rip Hunter. When Waverider refuses, Skeets brutally tortures him. Skeets asks questions that indicate the golden alloy of Skeets body, impervious to time portals, was taken from a 500 year-old corpse, implying it to be Waverider's own skin.





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