Quote1 The more that people believe in what I've done-- the more powerful I become... until soon I'll truly have the power... of a god! Quote2
-- Bedlam src
Matthew Stuart lived with his parents and three siblings in a suburb outside Boston. During the celebration of his thirteenth birthday, his archaeologist father gave Matthew an Atlantean relic. Matthew discovered that the relic had an entity inside, and without hesitation, Matthew broke this relic apart and unleashed the dark, purple energy within. The entity tapped into Matthew's resentment towards adults and love of fun and games to endow him with godlike powers and turn him into Bedlam.

World Without Grown-ups

In ancient times, an ambitious and malevolent Atlantean sorcerer attempted to summon a power from the dawn of time. This power fed on dreams and wishes, in which the sorcerer believed it could reshape worlds. The sorcerer failed in this attempt when his brother stopped him. His brother purged him of his energies and sealed the entity within a miniature crystal chamber, where it lay buried for centuries. By modern times, archaeologists discovered the chamber. One of the archaeologists took the crystal chamber and gave it as a gift to his 13-year-old son Matthew Stuart. The young boy unleashed the entity which took form of a genie, who possessed Matthew. His first act was to send all the adults on Earth to a parallel world, and leave all the children behind without their parents. However, the younger superheroes, Robin, Superboy, and Impulse managed on their own to defeat Bedlam by tricking him into exhausting himself and going back to sleep. After the adults were returned, Matthew was taken into custody of the Department of Extranormal Operations.

World Without Young Justice

Quote1 And now that I have all of the magic to myself, I'm gonna make you little freaks pay! Quote2

Bedlam Matthew Stuart 0001

The return of Bedlam.

While Matthew was in a coma, the entity that had possessed him went on rampage to understand its existence. Red Tornado convinces him to become human and the entity was reborn as a human infant. However, the magical energy that the entity possessed roamed free until it tracked down the comatose Matthew and imbued him with near-infinite power. After two years, Matthew awakens from his coma and was determined to reshape the world with his powers, but first decides to exact revenge on Young Justice, especially on Impulse.

Reclaiming his name, Bedlam kidnapped Impulse and trapped him inside a cubic prison. Using a magic hammer on Impulse, Bedlam produced Impulse clones that he hypnotized and sent across time to retrieve items that inexplicably changed the course of history and eventually recreating an alternative version of the Young Justice team. However, Impulse managed to escape and tracked down a de-powered Superboy and Robin as well as the current Young Justice to confront Bedlam. Bedlam in turn recruited Doomsboy and Secret to stop them and used his reality powers to recapture Impulse's clones. However, he was not able to stop one clone from traveling back in time and absorbing the magical energy that awaken him from his coma. This act undid everything that Bedlam has done, and Matthew was returned to his coma at the DEO.


  • Magical Empowerment: Bedlam possesses the magical energies of an ancient genie-like entity after the entity itself abandoned the powers.
    • Hypnosis and Mind Control: Bedlam is able to hypnotize Impulse's clones into doing his bidding, usually by zapping them with purple light from his eyes. Using the clones, Bedlam was able to alter the timeline.
    • Reality Alteration: While being possessed by the entity, Bedlam was able to remove all adults and place them into a separate world, and make his thoughts reality. When he possessed the magical energy, Bedlam could change the terrain, conjure various items and reshape his surroundings to suit his needs.
    • Flight
    • Energy Construct Creation
    • Eldritch Blast
  • Matthew is resentful of father figures and adults in general, and tend to lash out at male orderlies.[1]



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