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Quote1 I am a diamond generation intelligent machine colony, DNA programmed with Tyler Miraclo gene biosoftware. I am Hourman, I am the master of time... and time is breaking! Quote2
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Hourman (real name Matthew Tyler) is an android from the 853rd Century and a member of Justice Legion Alpha.


He was created by Tyler Chemorobotics using genetic software that is patterned after the Miraclo-enhanced DNA of Rex Tyler, the original Golden Age Hourman. Thus, while this Hourman is a machine, he nonetheless qualifies as a 'descendant' of Rex Tyler's. In the year 85,271 A.D., Metron of the New Gods will appoint the young android as his heir and entrust him with the Worlogog , an artifact that can control and manipulate time itself. But Hourman forsook his post as Metron's apprentice and traveled back to the 20th Century to explore his human heritage alongside the Justice League.

Modern Age

Justice Legion

The Worlogog allowed Hourman to step effortlessly through time. This, however caused a great catastrophe. When the Justice Legion traveled back to invite the Justice League into the future, Hourman was infected by a virus implanted by the evil Solaris. This virus spread throughout Earth's technology, but the heroes were able to shunt it into a mechanical host. After this incident, the android felt great remorse for the damage he caused. He decided to divest himself of the Worlogog's power and attempt to live as a human in the 20th century. He joined the Justice League and befriended the teams former mascot, Snapper Carr, and took the name Matthew Tyler.

Justice Society of America

He left the Justice League at the formation of the new Justice Society of America. Like his predecessor, he became a founding member of the new group. His membership provided him with the opportunity to avenge Rex Tyler's death. Rex's killer, Extant, attempted to reassemble the Worlogog. Hourman was instrumental defeating the villain, but then left the Justice Society of America after this case.

After he had spent untold decades adventuring through time since his resignation from the JSA, he received one of Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres which bore a call for help. Rick Tyler was badly wounded in the Timepoint, which was normally occupied by his father Rex. Hourman quickly assembled everything and everyone needed to save Rick; Dr. Mid-Nite operated on Rick's major injuries, and Hourman sped up the healing process. Just then, the Timepoint's last seconds ticked away, and Rex knew it was time to return to the moment of his death. It was Rick, however, who leapt back into the timestream—to take his father's place.

The three Hourmen subsequently vied to take Rex's place in the timestream, but Matthew Tyler emerged "victorious". He empowered Rex with the power to return home, then shut everyone out diving to his death alongside the original Dr. Mid-Nite. Back home, Rex reunited with his wife and vowed to rebuild Tyler Chemical Company.

Dawn of DC

The Lost Children

Hourman was pulled from the timeline and reprogrammed by the Time Master; a potential evil, future adult version of Corky Baxter. A "time scavenger" known as the Childminder had pulled a number of Golden Age sidekicks from the timeline and imprisoned them on Orphan Island, an island of Miraclo in the Pacific Ocean outside the normal flow of time. This included several members of the Thirteen, who had been erased from history by the Flashpoint and Doctor Manhattan's meddling in the timestream, and stored by the Time Masters in the Time Lab.

One of the sidekicks was Wing, the forgotten eighth Soldier of Victory. Wing had been pulled from the timeline moments before he had sacrificed himself to destroy Nebula Man and needed to be returned to his proper place in history to die, otherwise Nebula Man would have destroyed the world. He sent Hourman to bargain with the Childminder for the children and Matthew struck a deal to restore her youth in return for the children, planning to send Wing back to the point of his death and allow the others to be killed in a time storm. The Childminder used Judy Garrick to open a portal to Orphan Island and bring him through.

Meanwhile the Time Master's younger self, Stargirl and Red Arrow were attempting to rescue the kidnapped siekicks. The Time Master knew what his younger self was attempting but, due to Orphan Island's place outside time, could not remember exactly. The sidekicks fought Hourman and the Childminder off, and the Time Master came through the portal himself. Judy removed Hourman's brain and Quiz Kid was able to remove the Time Master's programming. Hourman blasted the Time Master back through the portal, erasing his potentiality. Wing also jumped through the portal, choosing to sacrifice himself, and Hourman transported the rest of them away before the time storm consumed Orphan Island. The sidekicks could not be returned to their home eras, and so he took them to the present, where they became known as the Young Justice Society.[1]

The Flash

Matthew Tyler New Earth 008

Hourman at Earth-0

Hourman resumed his role as a hero and guardian of history. During a fight with Extant, he was caught in a mysterious explosion and transported to a room in Timepoint with no doors or windows. Having lost the Worlogog in the fight he was powerless to leave and remained there until he overheard Granny Goodness on the other side of the wall. He heard Granny say that she had captured the son of Wally West and would take him to the Palace of Eternity. Granny teleported away and Hourman used the crack she left in Hypertime to escape the room, emerging on Earth in the year 2023, where Wally and Mister Terrific were attempting to tap into Hypertime.

As they were running the experiment, Granny kidnapped Wally's newborn son Wade from the hospital and attempted to kill his wife Linda. Wally feared that Wade was dead but Hourman informed him that he had merely been taken. He told them that he would assist them in rescuing Wade but needed the Worlogog to reach the Palace. Wally recognised the Worlogog as the "Timeglass", the power source of the Gold Bug and summoned Gold Beetle from the future to help them. Although from Gold Beetle's perspective this was the first time she had met any of them, she agreed to had the Worlogog over. Hourman installed it in a starship built by Mister Terrific, and they set off to rescue Wade.[2]

They reached the Palace of Eternity and found Granny and Wade inside, along with three boys known as the Furious. Hourman, Kid Flash and Mister Terrific fought the Furious while Wally chased after Granny and Wade. They held back because the Furious were children, allowing the boys to get the upper hand. Wally eventually returned with Wade, revealing to the Furious that Granny had abandoned them and that they were not orphans as she had told them, but that she had actually stolen them from their real families. In fact one of them was Mister Terrific's son, who he had assumed had been miscarried. They escaped in the ship as the Palace of Eternity collapsed, but he Worlogog was damaged, and they were unable to navigate their way back to the 21st Century. After months of adventures across time and space, they managed to find their way back home.[3]



  • Worlogog: (Formerly) An artifact that can control and manipulate time itself. He renounced the Worlogog's full power, limiting himself to the occasional "Power Hour" in which he can access some of the Worlogog's time-manipulating abilities.




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