Matvei Rodor was a black marketeer living in Russia when it was still part of the U.S.S.R.. He was known for bribing several high ranking Soviet officials including a special prosecutor named Soliony. Soliony however, turned the tables on Rodor's business practices when he began using his influence to cater to Rodor's contemporaries, thus threatening the man's own livelihood.

One evening, while enjoying a cigarette outside his dascha, Matvei witnessed a small meteor fall to Earth in the nearby forest. When he went to inspect the item, the meteor cracked open, and an extraterrestrial entity known as the Zuggernaut emerged. The Zuggernaut physically bonded with Matvei Rodor and formed a symbiotic relationship with him. Though the Zuggernaut was the dominant persona in this new conjoined being, it enabled Matvei to eliminate his competition, namely Soliony. The Zuggernaut traveled to Moscow where it attacked Soliony on a city street. This incident prompted Mikhail Arkadin to transform into Firestorm and fight the Zuggernaut.



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