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Quote1 I'm so very proud of you. Not many mothers can say their sons were in the Justice League and the Green Lantern Force. Quote2
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Maura Rayner was the mother of the Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner.

Green Lantern

Since her husband left her and her son when he was young, she's raised Kyle by herself, and for the better in certain situations. She allowed Kyle's interest in Art grow and taught him everything he could possibly learn about being a hero before he ever really was. When Kyle became Green Lantern, he didn't tell anything to his mom, but she still recognized him and figured his identity.[2] Telling both his mother and his girlfriend (Alex), they both said that he was chosen for a reason, and he was to live on as the last Green Lantern. After a confrontation that left Alex dead at the hands of Major Force, Maura was threatened to be "next", but Major Force was stopped before any harm could come to her.[citation needed]


Later, Maura had been struck by a mysterious illness shortly after Kyle had truly unlocked the power of the Ion being inside of him. Combined and balanced with the power of the Starheart, Kyle noticed a grand puzzle of some large plan that started to affect both his hero life and personal life. One trip took him to Mogo to deal with his personal issues, which helped him realize that his "other" life was just as important. A lesson which he remembered when he heard his mother caught ill. Maura was in the hospital for weeks in the intensive care unit while doctors poured over her trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally, Kyle was torn away for the "greater good" by the Guardians of the Universe and he left Guy Gardner there to watch over her. Soon after Kyle left, Guy overheard the doctors say that her condition had hit it's "point of no return" and he tried to contact Kyle. Not being able to reach Kyle efficiently he contacted the Green Lantern's head physician, Soranik Natu as well as Kilowog. When Soranik couldn't figure out what the illness was (stating it wasn't anything in any of the GLC's historical records or anything she had ever seen) she soon died from the illnesses and when Kyle arrived she had already passed.

It wasn't enough for Kyle and in a last ditch effort to bring her back he used to power of the Ion entity to bring his mother back but much like the Black Lantern Corps' resurrection of the bodies of people but only using their "shells", Kyle was only able to bring back just that her shell. Maura knew she wasn't truly alive and couldn't stay this way forever and told her son that it was her time to go and she would go on to a better place and hoped that her son would move on and knew that she loved him dearly. Reluctantly, Kyle turned the powers off and her body fell into his hand and he put her to rest.[3]


It was revealed that Sinestro was behind all of Kyle's troubles as Ion. Ultimately, Sinestro used one of his Corps' members Despotellis to infect and render Maura useless during her sickness period. Despotellis, the plague of planets, had destroyed Maura from the inside out in an effort of Sinestro's to anger and confuse as well as weaken Kyle and take the Ion entity away from him. Her death as well as the turmoil and discomfort in Kyle's life lead to him becoming possessed not by the Willpower-Entity but by the Fear-Entity, Parallax.[4]


  • Ion Empowerment: (Formerly) When Maura died, she was brought back to life through the power of Ion brought about by her son Kyle Rayner. She gained zero of his Ion abilities but was purged of her illness completely. She lost her pseudo-life and health when Kyle reluctantly had to take the power back.