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The Mawzir is a dangerous demon enemy of Hitman.

Since the close of World War II, the Mawzir has served the Arkannone, the Lords of the Gun, presiding over their own cordite-reeking corner of Hell. In another time, the Mawzir was not one, but five Nazi butchers whose atrocities ended under Russian gallows. As the Arkannone's elite agent, the Mazir was sent above to recruit the metahuman Hitman Tommy Monaghan into their gun-slinging fold. Monaghan refused, humiliating the Mawzir utterly. For his defeat, the Arkannone destroyed the Mawzir. But even hellspawn are granted second chances. Resurrected by the Arkannone, the Mawzir returned to Earth to kill Monaghan. To save himself, Monaghan enlisted the demon Etrigan to retrieve the Ace of Winchesters—the one gun capable of snuffing out the Mawzir—from the bowels of Hell. And in short order, Etrigan decimated the Arkannone and Monaghan ended the Mawzir's threat.




The Ace of Winchesters.


Carries ten guns at all times, one gun in each of his ten arms.