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A gamesman of uncanny skill, Maxim Zarov gained a deserved reputation as the finest big game hunter on Earth and became known as "Nimrod the Hunter".

As his skill and reputation grew and grew, so did his pride, and he believed he had reached the logical end of his career when he shot a charging tyrannosaur through the head at less than a hundred meters... until one of his beaters convinced him to try to kill the alien Superman, recently revealed to the world. Intrigued, Nimrod took the challenge.

Zarov tracked down his search of Superman to Smallville, Kansas and suspects the superhero's secret identity of Clark Kent. He staked out at Kent's apartment in Metropolis to catch the owner in the act; however, to Zarov's confusion, he later learns from the landlady that Kent was reportedly killed in a explosion. But immediately, Zarov was then confronted by Superman himself. Zarov tried several weapons against Superman, but only manages to injure himself and was taken away to a hospital awaiting to be taken into police custody.[1]

The Anti-Superman Army

Nimrod's activities are unknown, but a future version of him was seen as a member of the villain group who stole the kryptonite engine of Superman's rocket. There, he had a metal face plate and a bionic arm.



  • Nimrod has a high-grade sniper rifle with an advanced scope.
  • Some time in the future, Nimrod has taken to carrying a number of other weapons

  • Nimrod is based on General Zaroff, the antagonist of the story "The Most Dangerous Game", who is a big game hunter who tracks humans after animals became too easy. He shares this inspiration with Spider-Man foe Kraven the Hunter.



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