Queen Maxima is the ruler of the planet Almerac.

She sought out a man of great warrior prowess to be her mate. After engaging and defeating De'Cine in combat, Maxima was told that another candidate had been found for her. As she bathed, Maxima witnessed the great strength and power of Superman, who was currently living on Earth. Maxima showed great interest in Superman and decided to go to Earth to meet her potential mate.

Upon her arrival on Earth, Maxima overpowered several gang members who tried to take advantage of her and headed for a nearby newspaper stand where she saw Angela Chen speaking about Superman on TV. After finding the location of the broadcast, Maxima headed to the news room and explained to Angela that she was Superman's betrothed. During a live interview, the queen of Almerac became violent, demanding to know the location of Superman who arrived shortly before Maxima tossed a camera.

Despite Maxima's seductive methods, Superman refused to take her as his wife and rule Almerac. Not taking refusal well, and therefore attacked him and began a fight between the two. It was only after the fight Maxima realized she may have found her equal and therefore embraced Superman. However, even after being refused a second time, she weakened him and took him back to Almerac with her.

Upon her return to Almerac, Maxima returned to the palace, dragging an unconscious Superman by his cape. Maxima entered the throne room to find De'Cine sitting upon her throne and her guards surrounding both her and Superman. De'Cine sent both Maxima, Superman and Maxima's handmaiden Sazu (even though she betrayed Maxima and helped De'Cine) to the dungeon. Angered at her handmaiden's betrayal, Maxima morphed a nearby stalagmite into a sword and nearly killed Sazu had it not been for Superman's intervention.

While in the dungeon, she and the others encountered a Carnorite which had lived in the dungeon for years. Maxima and Superman stunned the creature by tying two of the creatures tounges and lassoing them around the shield generator for the dungeon. With the creature down, Superman drilled a hole through the ceiling leading to the surface and bringing both Maxima and Sazu up with him.

Maxima entered the throne room as De'Cine was enjoying entertainment and feasting. Angered, he ordered the guards to kill them. She and Superman held them off while Sazu went to obtain the bracelet De'Cine stole from Maxima, only to be caught by De'Cine. Superman sent a guard flying towards De'Cine, giving Sazu enough time to open a portal to the dungeon so Superman could send the guards through. Once the guards were subdued, De'Cine tried to escape, but Maxima stopped him and almost killed him. However, after Superman convinced her otherwise, Maxima refrained. Maxima then had De'Cine locked up in a squalid dungeon. Despite her renewed attempts to keep Superman on Almerac, she finally allowed him to return home.

Sitting on her throne upset, Lobo arrived on his Spacehog demanding to see De'Cine. Seeing Lobo, Maxima showed great delight, believing she found a worthy substitute to Superman.[1]




  • Power Bracelets: Maxima possesses two power bracelets, capable of projecting energy beams and creating teleportation portals from her current location to anywhere in the galaxy.[1]


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