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Quote1 No, I just haven't spoken to my family in a long time. They're not supportive of my time at Crucible. Because Crucible sees my potential as a leader, as an individual who can change things for the better. The only potential my family sees in me is my ability to bear children. Quote2
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Maxima is a member of the Almeracian Royal Family and current Queen of the planet Almerac.

Potential Predecessor

An Almeracian identified as Maxima joined Superman in his fight against Doomsday but was defeated and remained unconcious until they were rescued by Guardian who took her to a regional trauma center for medical treatment.[2] As Maxima is the royal matrilineal title of the Queen of Almerac, this may or may not be the same individual as the later Maxima encountered by Supergirl, though differences in backstory and personality would seem to indicate the Maxima who fought alongside the Justice League is a previous Maxima- likely the latter-day Maxima's mother.


Because Almerac's population was dwindling, she was expected to do her part to repopulate the planet by choosing a mate and bearing children. Maxima was disgusted by it, and became estranged from her family.[3]

Maxima was chosen as a student by Crucible Academy, an intergalactic school which exists to train potential heroes. There, she made friends with other students like Supergirl.

During a mission, Maxima was tasked by one of her teachers, Lys Amata with the mission to bring Superboy back to Crucible.[4] Kara tried to stop her, and Maxima declared she did not want to fight her but she would carry out her orders. When Supergirl put Amata and Crucible in question, Maxima reiterated she trusted their Preceptor and her commitment to peace. Supergirl was not convinced, but Superboy agreed to go with Maxima willingly. However, Amata was being manipulated by Preceptor Korstus. Once Kon arrived at Crucible, Korstus took over the Academy, captured Amata and Maxima and got ready to extract Kon's DNA and create an army of Kryptonian clones.[5]

Maxima was freed when Supergirl and other students to rebelled against Korstus, and fought alongside the Girl of Steel. In the aftermath of the battle, she became vice-Preceptor of the school to help rebuild Crucible.

Later on Supergirl was heading back to Earth. Maxima said goodbye to her friend and confessed she liked Kara, although she knew her feelings were unrequited.[6]

Several months later Maxima was ambushed and put in stasis by an Almeracian soldier who accused her from being undeserving of the "Maxima" title on the grounds that she forsook her destiny. The older woman proposed to claim the "Maxima" title and erase the memory from the former Maxima by attacking her friends and allies. "Maxima" went after Supergirl first, striking her and Superwoman, but Maxima tracked her down. Maxima, Supergirl and Superwoman worked together to defeat the Almeracian pretender and Maxima went back to Crucible afterwards.[7]

Becoming Queen

After coming back to her planet, Maxima had to agree to a marriage with prince Ultraa as the only way to rule as Queen. Refusing this, as she was secretly in love with a woman, she discovered that the founders of Almerac's first government were a couple of women who were lovers, and that her planet was born a Matriarchy. This led her to believe that if her people found out the truth, they would allow her to marry the woman she loved, ruling with her at her side. Prince Ultraa discovered this, sending assassins to kill Maxima and spreading the lie that the princess abandoned Almerac because of lust towards a woman.

Fleeing from her home planet, Maxima landed on Earth, in Boston, searching for Wonder Woman's assistance: she told Diana what happened on Almerac and obtained Wonder Woman's help.[8] The two went back to Almerac and, reuniting with Maxima's head of the rebellion, Primaa, they were successful in defeating Ultraa and in showing the Almeracians the truth, also thanks to a retrieved Absorbascon that registered proof of the Matriarchy. Revealing to everyone that Primaa was her lover, the two can finally stay together, with Maxima also transforming Almerac's government in a Republic, with her acting as president and still with the title of Queen. After completing her quest, Maxima boded farewell to Diana, telling her to shake herself from duty and to reach for the man she loves.[1]





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