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Maximillian Zeus; a.k.a. "Maxie Zeus" was a prominent business owner who turned into a master criminal. Maximillian Zeus was the CEO of Maximillian Shipping Lines, a prominent shipping company. However, the company's business wasn't good at some point and Maxie started working for mob and mafias in Gotham City. The pressure of working in that line of business caused Maxie's mind to fail and he started believing that he was the reincarnation of the Greek God Zeus. After his mental breakdown, he presented himself as the supreme Greek God Zeus, dressing in a period costume and carrying a metal thunderbolt that could emit an electrical charge. A short time later, he stole the federal government's Electrical Discharge Cannon, and it attracted Batman's attention. Batman later infiltrated Zeus' complex and eventually tried to destroy the cannon with Zeus' thunderbolt rod. Zeus leapt after it and electrocuted himself unconscious, further breaking his mind.

After being captured, Zeus was sent to Arkham Asylum. but he was under the impression that he was in the "true" Mount Olympus as he associated the inmates with Ancient Gods, Janus, Demeter, and Hermes.[1]





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