The Maximums were creations of the Joker and Mr. Mxyzptlk. They imagined a U.S. government sanctioned superhero team from a parallel world.

During a battle with the Axis of Evil, the Maximums encountered Superman and Batman from an alternate timeline, whom they claimed that Skyscraper murdered their Lois Lane. Superman kills Skyscraper and after the ensuing battle with the Maximums, escape via Boom Tube. With mysterious information provided by their fallen comrade, Bowman (who was actually impersonated by the Joker), the Maximums track Superman and Batman to their reality.

While Batman and Superman are fighting the Atomic Skull who was stealing a briefcase with radioactive materials in it from Wayne Tech, the Maximums appear, seeking revenge. The Soldier fires a bullet at the Skull, and it passes through Superman's hand and causing the Skull to violently release a large amount of radiation that Superman acts to contain. Although Robot observes Sueprman's heroic act, Viking will have none of it. Soldier and Monster attempt to subdue Batman when Batzarro intervened, blinding everyone with his "smoke" bombs. Eventually, the Maximums were able to capture Superman and Batman, and returned to their world via Boom Tube.

After imprisoning Superman and Batman in Alcatraz prison, the Maximums were underestimated by the heroes who they then easily escaped their prison. Superman fought Viking and Robot, who the latter no longer believed that they murdered Skyscraper, while Batman was attacked and defeated by Wolfen. However, the Bowman/Joker visited Lex Luthor and returned to the Maximums reality and releases the Kryptonite Man into an imprisoned Batman, possessing him.

The Kryptonite Man-possessed Batman fought with Superman while the Maximums argued over their fate. Superman used Robot's exterior armor to encase K-Man and force him out of Batman's body. Immediately thereafter, Bizarro and Batzarro appeared and attempted to rescue their idols to safety, but only for Batzarro to be stranded in the Maximums' reality.

Both Joker and Mxy then anticipated in having the Maximums into battling various versions of Superman and Batman; Joker wanted to kill "every Batman there ever was or there ever will be." while on Mxy's part planned in freeing Darkseid from the Source Wall. However, Mxy had orchestrated this game into not only freeing Darkseid but Bat-Mite as well as Mxy was unable to directly free his fellow 5th Dimensional imp, and had to have a creation of the Joker do it himself. He explained to Superman and Batman that they, Darkseid and himself will play a central role in an upcoming Crisis. With Mxy's plan came to fruition, the Maximums were ceased to exist.



Soldier is the team leader of the Maximums. A military minded and uncompromising leader, apparently the first "super-soldier" of his world. His son, Lucky (a pastiche of Marvel's Bucky), was also a super-soldier and is proverbially the only super-soldier to stay dead.


Viking is the Maximum's powerhouse. He is the son of the Ice-Giants and wields an axe carved from black ice by Ymir.


Robot is a living machine despite the public at large believing him to be a man in a suit of armor.


Skyscraper, real name Harvey, is able to grow to 25 stories high and is the husband of Hornet. He is killed by a Superman.


Monster, real name Becky, is a little girl who transforms into a enormous creature with superhuman strength and durability, at the cost of a very low intelligence, when she is afraid. Curiously, although Becky is obviously female, "Monster" is referred to with male pronouns.


Hornet, real name Jaime, is a human-insect hybrid and the wife of Skyscraper. She is able to shrink, fly, and sting.


Wolfen is some kind of anthropomorphic canine and is a feral berserker.


Bug is a smart-mouth teenage superhero with four arms and an ally of the Maximums.


Bowman, real name Clive, was the archer of the team and is currently deceased.


Transportation: Maxi-jet
Weapons: Various (see Team Members)


  • Obviously, the Maximums are a pastiche of Marvel Comics' Avengers and Ultimates, including the lower-case speech bubbles associated with the Ultimate Universe. Their "Maximum's March!" battle cry homages and the Avengers' own "Avengers Assemble!" The Maximums and their corresponding Avengers are:

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