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Maxivermis Mind, more commonly known as Mister Mind, is a magical creature with an insatiable appetite for supernatural power.

His single goal is nothing less than consuming and controlling all the powers of the Magiclands. He is one of Shazam's greatest enemies.[1]

For centuries, Mind has been one of the most dangerous beings ever encountered by the Council of Eternity. Mind's telepathic abilities have proven him a threat not to be underestimated. He is responsible for the death of several allies of the Council, most notably one of its first champions - Solomon.[1]

Although Mind has boasted of being the ruler of a world of worms, it is suspected he originated from the Wildlands. His vendetta against the Magiclands has given credence to the rumors of his humble beginnings as a simple bookworm. It is said that after suffering much abuse in the Wildlands as a child, Mind spent years attempting to break into the Library of Eternity. Once successful, Mind consumed countless spell books, absorbing the knowledge and power. He returned to the Wildlands, where he took revenge on those he felt had wronged him, and set his sights on the Council of Eternity.[1]

Working from within the Council, Mind nearly destroyed them. It took the combined might of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury and an unknown warrior to stop and contain Mister Mind.[1]





  • Vocal Device (Formerly): Mister Mind wears a device around his neck which allows others to understand him by modulating a regular speaking voice, however it was destroyed by Billy to stop him from saying spells. [2]



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