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Parasite was a member of the Legion of Doom.

Parasite was one of the many supervillains infected by Brainiac's microscopic mechanical worms and recruited into the scheme conspired by Lex Luthor and the Coulan. When the secret identities of the Justice League of America were compromised, Parasite took part in a coordinated attack on Superman, draining the Kryptonian of his powers as he was held and beaten by Bizarro and Solomon Grundy. Parasite continued to drain Superman as Metallo exposed the weakened Man of Steel to his Kryptonite heart, but the timely intervention of Captain Marvel saved Superman's life, the World's Mightiest Mortal tearing out Metallo's Kryptonite and shoving it into Parasite's chest, Jensen weakened and incapacitated as taking Superman's powers also gained his corresponding weakness, something Luthor reprimanded Jensen as he removed the Kryptonite from his body shortly afterwards to revive Metallo.

When the Legion of Doom began kidnapping the League's various loved ones and companions, Parasite stole Supergirl's powers and knocked her unconscious in Gotham City.

Jensen was among the Legion during their celebration party for triumphing over the heroes, and during the League's sudden attack, Parasite threatened to harm Mera to an armored Aquaman, only to end up impaled on the Sea King's trident, the power he had stolen from Supergirl waning. The Metal Man Gold attempted to smother Parasite by engulfing his entire body, but was distracted by Metallo attacking Paltinum, allowing Parasite to steal the powers of Black Adam. Growing overconfident from his newfound power, Parasite ripped Metallo's Kryptonite heart out despite his ally's protests, and flew off to confront Superman who was wearing Lead as a protective armor, only to realize too late it was Captain Marvel in disguise. Infuriated, Parasite attacked the real Superman, demanding his power, only to subsequently lose Black Adam's power when Adam called down his lightning. Parasite lost all knowledge of the heroes secret identities when John Stewart used his Green Lantern Ring to strip the information from all the defeated villains memories.

After the Legion's ultimate defeat, Parasite was presumably incarcerated.


  • Energy Leech: Parasite is able to absorb the life energy of other beings leaving withered corpses. He is also able to absorb virtually any other energy form and use it. Below are a list of powers he frequently stole or has been seen stealing.


  • Time Limit: He can only hold these powers for a short amount of time.
  • Acquired Weaknesses: He receives both the powers and the weaknesses of his target.
  • Life Leech: He cannot turn his power off nor can he survive without constantly stealing life energy from ordinary humans.

  • Although his face reveals that his purple skin covers his eyes, ears, nose and mouth he can still see, hear, smell and talk (as well as eat though he doesn't need to eat conventionally because he gains the energy from his leeching ability). He can also still touch people and does so frequently.[1]



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