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Maxwell Lord was high-ranking metahuman agent of Checkmate, codenamed the Black King. He was an enemy of the Blur.

Maxwell Lord was one of the people responsible for having Ray Sacks released from prison. He was revealed to have an ulterior motive to this. Once Ray found people who had seen the Blur or had taken a picture of him, he took them to Max who hooked them up to a machine that put together pieces of the Blur's body. The reason for this was so Checkmate could find out the Blur's identity. Once Ray found Lois, he kidnapped her and immediately took her to Maxwell, who used his telepathy to look into Lois' memories of the Blur. When Clark arrived (as the Blur), Max told him that if he took another step that he would kill Lois. He also revealed that Lois was subconsciously fighting Max's telepathy. Clark, realizing that it was killing Lois, super sped through Max's machine. Later, Max was held at gunpoint and forced into a limo and finally met the Red Queen.

Some time after his encounter with the Red Queen, Maxwell kidnapped Tess Mercer and tormented her with visions. He kept torturing her until he found the information the Red Queen was after: the Book of Rao. When Tess woke up, she used her Checkmate moves on him. She escaped, but little did she know he already had the information for the Red Queen, and he gave it to her. Maxwell made a call to the Red Queen, informing her of Tess's escape. She sent some sort of frequency through the phone, bringing Maxwell to the ground, writhing in pain.

What happend to him afterwards is unknown.





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