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Maya was the spirit of the Mother Box, raised as a child by Beautiful Dreamer and Big Bear.

Originally a spirit inside of Vykin's Mother Box, Maya broke free when an experiment in the planet Adon caused the Box to explode and kill Vykin.[1] Instead of dying, Maya materialized and appeared to the Forever People, taking them back to Earth and confront The Dark.[2] Maya sacrificed herself to put an end to The Dark's attack on the Forever People. However, instead of dying, he transferred her spirit inside Beautiful Dreamer's womb, growing as the unborn baby Dreamer had lost in Adon.[3]

This pregnancy was far from normal, because it progressed at incredible speed, taking just a few weeks instead of months. Beautiful Dreamer entered in labor while visiting Scott Free's house in New Hampshire, and Maya was finally officially born.[4]

Eventually, Maya's presence was noticed by DeSaad, who carried out a plan to force the Forever People to give the baby to him. To this end, he activated a nuclear facility and killed every worker who knew the deactivation codes. But the Forever People averted the disaster with the help of Orion and the Black Racer, defeating DeSaad.[5]

After that incident in the nuclear facility, the Forever People moved from the city and established in the abandoned Habitat. Once more, Maya was the target of Darkseid's lackeys, and this time Granny Goodness kidnapped her, planning to turn her into one of her soldiers. The Forever People traveled to Apokolips and negotiated Maya's return, which was easier thanks to the presence of Superman. Darkseid let them go without any further violence.[6]

  • Maya's last appearance was in 1995, and her existence was never addressed again ever since. New Gods (Volume 4) #14 might suggest that she was erased from continuity.