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Dr. Maya Chamara is Doctor Multiverse, a hero from Earth 8 who possesses the powers of the Multiverse. No alternate versions of her exist in any other reality.


Maya Chamara was an astronaut on a mission in Earth orbit for the Canadian Space Agency when she was bathed in cosmic energies, cursing her with the powers of the multiverse and the vision of her place in it. She is the Multiverse's autoimmune response to cracks in it created by Darkseid.[1]

As is typical on Earth 8, Doctor Multiverse has had many conflicts with her fellow heroes and is feared and hated by the people of her world, because she reminds them how small they and their world are compared to the Multiverse. She was once a member of the Retaliators but was expelled, and her former teammates now dislike and mistrust her.

Justice League Incarnate

Her Multivision allowed her to perceive Machinehead's body in a state of dimensional flux. She tried to recover his remains but only managed to retrieve his helmet. She discovered the crack in the Multiverse and went to the Retaliators for help, unaware that they and Machinehead had secretly made a deal with Darkseid to protect Earth 8 from the Multiverse.

Their old enemy Tartarus and his army were drawn to Angor by the crack and attacked them. Some members of Justice League Incarnate also came for the crack, hoping to rescue their friend Barry Allen who was trapped on the other side.

Tartarus almost killed Doctor Multiverse but he was distracted by the arrival of Darkseid and the two fought. Doctor Multiverse was able to combine her powers with The Flash and destabilise the crack, causing it to depart from Earth 8. Darkseid followed it via Boom Tube and Doctor Multiverse held it open to allow them to follow. Flash was scared to go, but Doctor Multiverse encouraged her and they jumped through the portal together.[2]

The Boom Tube should have taken them directly to Darkseid and the crack, but the team fell through a rift between the physical and spiritual realms and landed on Earth 13. They met up with Justice League Incarnate's allies the League of Shadows, who planned to track Darkseid via a séance and attack him with the full force of every hero on Earth 13. While they were waiting for the mystical heroes to prepare Maya tried to flirt with Justice League Incarnate's leader President Superman, who she was attracted to, but he brushed her off.

During the séance, the members of Justice Incarante were transported to Limbo, where Darkseid was battling a fallen angel. While he was distracted they tried to reach the crack, but they were intercepted by The Batwoman Who Laughs, a corrupted hero from Earth 11. The Batwoman Who Laughs managed to reach the crack just as Darkseid killed the angel and moved towards them. Feeling she had no other choice, Doctor Multiverse released a huge wave of energy that destabilised the crack and sent it to another universe, but also scattered the assembled heroes and villains across the Multiverse. She and Superman woke up in a suburban neighborhood on a parallel Earth, and found that their powers were not working.[3]

Calvin quickly realised they were on Earth 33, a world separated from the Multiverse by a "fictive membrane", which prevented their powers from working. As only ideas could penetrate the membrane, Calvin decided their only way to communicate with the others would be to publish a comic. They spent three months on Earth 33 writing a comic about the rest of Justice League Incarnate being scattered across the Multiverse. They also began a romantic relationship and broke up. Calvin met an editor at DC Comics named "Ulrich Saxman", who promised to help them, but also insisted that Darkseid should win as it was better for the story.

Avery Ho managed to locate them on Earth 33 and project herself and Batman into the world, but could not cross the membrane. By syncing her powers with Avery, Maya was able to pull them out of Earth 33 and go to Earth 41 where Captain Carrot had landed, but Saxman revealed himself to be Darkseid and followed them through. On Earth 41, the crack had been claimed by The Annihilator, who was fighting all the heroes of that world. Deciding it was only way to keep the Multiverse safe, Maya attempted to close the crack, but only managed to contain it. Her eyes changed to solid black, and she told the others they needed to let Darkseid win.[4]

Darkseid took the heroes to Earth Omega and told them that when she absorbed the crack she saw the history of the Multiverse. Since it's creation, the Great Darkness has been working to destroy it and Darkseid has been trying to stop it, as the Darkness is the enemy of evil as well as good. The Multiverse granted her the power to seal the crack but she wasn't strong enough, and now Darkseid was the Multiverse's best chance, as only he had the power necessary to defeat the Darkness.

Batman tried to kill Maya to remove the danger of the crack, but he was possessed by the Great Darkness. Darkseid killed Batman and pulled the crack out of Maya, then departed with his forces to Earth 7 who confront the Empty Hand, one of the Darkness' avatars. The heroes despaired but Captain Carrot roused them and they decided to follow Darkseid to Earth 7 where the House of Heroes had crashed, rescue the rest of Justice League Incarnate and defeat Darkseid together after he had stopped the Darkness.

Maya teleported the team to Earth 7, where they found the wreckage of the House. They were attacked by their teammates, who had been possessed by the Darkness.[5] Maya and Avery were able to free their teammates from the Darkness, but the Empty Hand used the crack to complete the Oblivion Machine, and opened a rift that the Great Darkness could use to enter the Multiverse. Darkseid chased the Empty Hand through the rift, and Thunderer said that he could summon enough power to destroy the planet and the rift, but Maya and Avery asked for a chance to save Barry first. They, along with Superman and Captain Carrot, passed through the rift and entered Earth-Flash.1 where they found Barry. He claimed not to recognise them and refused to leave with them.

Pariah, the creator of the world they were in, appeared and told them that they could not be there, and Maya's Multivision allowed her to see that he was the "voice" of the Great Darkness, and more powerful than Darkseid or the Empty Hand. In a panic, she teleported them back to the House of Heroes just as Earth 7 was destroyed. She told the others what she had seen, and that Pariah was building an army for the Darkness inside The Bleed.[6]

Dark Crisis

Justice League Incarnate travelled to Earth 0 to enlist the aid of their Justice League. They teleported the League onto the House of Heroes and Calvin told the League about their failed mission to rescue Barry Allen and the return of the Great Darkness. Shadow Demons attacked the House and so Doctor Multiverse teleported them to source of the invasion, a ruined planet in Multiverse-2. There they found Pariah modifying his antimatter chamber from the first crisis to allow the Darkness to enter reality. The Superman of Earth 0 attempted to reason with Pariah but he refused to listen and summoned his Dark Army to fight them. Maya helped Wonder Woman fight Ares. Green Arrow was able to destroy the chamber, and the Dark Army disappeared. In response, Pariah seemingly destroyed the assembled heroes with a wave of energy.[7]

The Justice League of Earth 0 were sent into paradise worlds to fuel Pariah's plans to create a new Multiverse, while Justice League Incarnate were possessed by the Darkness like the Dark Army and sent to recapture the House of Heroes. Harbinger was able to keep them out by devoting all her energy to the House's outer defences, but a team of heroes from Earth 0 led by Robin managed to reach the House and deactivated Harbinger's A.I. interface. This weakened the defences and allowed the possessed JLI to break in.

They tried to break into the Orrery of Worlds from the House, but Doctor Light entered it first and was able to connect with the Light that fuels her powers. Her supercharged powers allowed her to destroy the chains of Darkness on Justice League Incarnate and free them from their mind control.

Doctor Multiverse combined her powers with Sideways to take both teams to Earth 0 and join the fight against Pariah's forces.[8] The Dark Army were defeated and Justice League Incarnate returned to guarding the newly expanded Multiverse.[9]


  • Cosmic Tracking: Once Doctor Multiverse has interacted with someone or something, she can locate it anywhere in the Multiverse and transport to it.[5]
  • Energy Manipulation: She can tap into and control the ambient energy that exists between worlds. With some concentration, she can alter the frequency of other energies allowing her to hold portals open[2] or even banish people and things to their home universes and, with greater effort, other universes.[3]
  • Enhanced Durability: Doctor Multiverse can withstand a point-blank explosion without injury.[3]
  • Flight[2]
  • Multivision: She is able to see variants/alternate versions of people living in different realities and percieve people and objects passing between dimensions.[2] She can also determine a person's identity and home universe just by looking at them.[3]



  • Dependency: Doctor Multiverse must be able to access the energy of the Multiverse to fuel her powers. She was powerless on Earth 33 because the fictive membrane cut her off from the Multiversal energy.[3][4]

  • The character is a pastiche of Marvel's Captain Universe, though she also has elements of the Starbrand.
    • Also, her origin story of being exposed to cosmic radiation is similar to the Fantastic Four.
  • Her name indicates that she is likely of Sri Lankan descent.



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