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Maya Ducard is the second Nobody, the daughter of the original. Though she initially sought revenge against Damian Wayne, she eventually joined his side.


Born to Morgan Ducard (the original Nobody) and his wife, Maya's life was spent learning to become an assassin and to follow in her father's footsteps. After his death[1] at the hands of Damian Wayne - Robin - Maya took up her father's mantle and swore vengeance against the newest boy wonder.

The two met as Damian sought repentance from his Year of Blood[2] (a tradition of the League of Assassins) and the two became temporary allies, albeit wary ones, as Damian went about his quest. On their way he taught her to see the flaws in her father's teachings and that family may not be everything.

Super Sons

Maya would later do Damian a favor by scouting out Jonathan Kent (then under the pseudonym of "Jon White") as Damian had been keeping tabs on him, and then abducting him after starting a fire. After engaging each other in a fight, which was broken up by their fathers, Maya was spotted and dragged into a boot camp training regimen where Damian and Johnathan had to overcome her, Goliath, and various obstacles in order to earn back their costumes.

Not long after, she became another scouter, this time for Superman himself to continue keeping an eye on Superboy. It was here where she began butting heads with Jon's friend Kathy Branden, now calling herself "Beacon". But before either girl could have the first attack, the portal in Beacon's ship would become unstable and release Boyzarro. As they attempt to fix the portal, Robzarro and his pet Tiny came out of the portal and attempted to strike a friendship with Maya. She was less than pleased with Robzarro's lack of tact.[3]

Maya would help Beacon, Superboy, and Superman in their attempt to save Htrae.[4]. She would later work in a snack bar with Kathy, Boyzarro, and Robzarro at the Hamilton County Fair.[5]

Adventures with Beacon

According to Boyzarro, Maya and Kathy established a new base of operations they dubbed the Treehouse of Solitude.[6] They went on various adventures, including a recent one to Bgztl, where they got a Phantom Zone Crystal.[7] Maya would later bear witness to Boyzarro's addition to the Treehouse: a capsule containing a shrunken version of his father continuing his time loop, not dissimilar to Superman's Bottle City of Kandor.[8]




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