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Quote1 Each of these Bruce Waynes lived a different life. The last one was married, had children. This one... was Mayor. Quote2
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Bruce Wayne hails from a Dark Multiverse world where he retired from being Batman after the death of Jason Todd. He then became the Mayor of Gotham City.

At some point in time, this version of Bruce Wayne became Batman and lived a vigilante life similar to his positive main counterpart's until the death of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. After his adopted son's death, Bruce decided to retire and chose to help Gotham City by becoming its Mayor.

Some time later, Bruce prepared a speech for the signing of a federal energy contract in Gotham City. He came to the celebration but he was suddenly teleported to Earth 0 by the Batman who Laughs who murdered him and collected some of his blood from the dead body, leaving Bruce behind to be found by GCPD.

Later, the Batman of Earth 0 examined his body with Jim Gordon and managed to piece together his history as their backgrounds were similar.[1]


  • Mayor Wayne was one of the few Bruce Wayne's counterparts who were not shown to be super-villains nor represent any of his fears in the Dark Multiverse.



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