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Mecha Manta is an artificial intelligence created by Lex Luthor as a gift to Black Manta.

The A.I. was programmed using D.N.A. and farmed data to emulate the thought processes of Manta's deceased father, Jesse Hyde, essentially bringing him back to life as an A.I.. Furthermore the A.I. is housed inside a gigantic weaponized aquatic casing powerful enough to tear Aquaman apart.[1] However, Black Manta only saw it as a machine and not his real father, so he disabled numerous functions in order to make it stop scolding him. Black Manta, piloted the mech attacked Amnesty Bay with it in an attempt to get revenge on Aquaman. He was able to defeat Aquaman and the other Atlanteans but was defeated by Maurer, a man who could turn into a giant sea monster. Black Manta then ordered Mecha Manta to self destruct, but since Mecha Manta still saw David as his son, and loved him no matter what, he ejected David as he exploded.[2]

Eventually, Jesse's grandson, Aqualad stumbled upon the head of Mecha Manta. Jackson found David and asked him to fix the head in return for planting a portal inside of Xebel. He brought it back to the shore, where Aquaman and Caille used it to search for Aquaman's daughter, Andy. Soon after, Jackson went with the mech to Xebel as part of the deal, but after bonding with the mech that had his grandfather's mind and helping the people of Xebel fight the Trench, Jackson decided not to and that it didn't matter if David was his father. He then left for Amnesty Bay with the mech head in tow.[3]





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