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Quote1.png You don't understand. I am Earth's Green Lantern. Quote2.png
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Medphyll was a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Guardians of the Universe selected Medphyll to be Earth's Green Lantern after Earth had fallen to the Black. While helping to combat the Black, he was captured by Blackbriar Thorn and imprisoned in Metropolis. He was freed by the Patchwork Army and helped them fight the Black.[1]


  • Indomitable Will: Medphyll is one of the Green Lanterns and as such has shown incredible will to be able to wield his ring. When Earth was invaded by the Rot, Medphyll stood as Earth's only Green Lantern against an infection that spread across the globe.


  • Green Lantern Power Battery: Medphyll has a power battery which he can summon from his ring. When Medphyll stopped to recharge his ring he was kidnapped and it was taken from him. Animal Man and his friends helped Medphyll find his power battery inside the Daily Planet concrete globe.




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