Dr. Cross genetically engineered Megan to serve as his personal assistant. She took personal joy in destroying the lives of their victims, but when Dr. Cross was killed, she was unable to cope with the trauma. In order to compensate for her loss and acquire revenge, she commissioned clones of Gen13 supplemented with Dr. Cross' DNA. Acting as the mother of the clones, she had them attack the original Gen13, but when Roxy Spaulding convinced them they could overcome their genetic programming, Megan killed "her children" then committed suicide.

World's End

By the time of Armageddon, Megan was reborn as a clone at a toddler age. She awakened a baby clone version of Dr. Cross and planned in having him with her to seek revenge on Gen13. Though circumstances, Megan's and Cross' relations quickly deteriorated after Cross' head was greatly aged due from being letting out from incubation too early and being forced to team up with Gen13.[1] After being captured along with Cross and Caitlin Fairchild by the Fearsmiths in Malice, Iowa, Megan urged Cross in helping to cure Fairchild from the Warhol Virus than using her for a illogical, profitable biological weapon. Following Fairchild's transformation into a Incubite Megan was abandoned by Dr. Cross, who fled Malice.[2]


Megan can grow spikes from her body.


Megan was dependent on Dr. Cross for love, and had no understanding of human emotion.



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