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Megan Boyer had her body possessed by Shade, the Changing Girl. Her incorporeal essense became wanted her body back.

Megan Boyer was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school who was notorious for being the meanest girl in school. The swim team captain, everybody hated Megan for how cruel she was except her boyfriend Wes.

One night, while partying at a lake with her friends, Megan overdosed on drugs and went brain-dead in the lake, only to be saved by her boyfriend who rushed her to the hospital. Megan was left in her brain-dead state for five months before her parents had made the decision to cut off her life support.[1]

However, before Megan's body could die, the alien from the planet Meta named Loma Shade used the M-Vest to transfer her consciousness into a random Earthling, by chance being thrown into Megan's lifeless body. While Loma enjoyed life pretending to be Megan, the real Megan's consciousness roamed the galaxy, trying to comprehend its existence before coming back to Earth to fight Loma for her body.[2]


Megan's new form


  • Swimming: Megan was an incredible swimmer on the swim team at her school, being the captain despite everyone hating her.

  • Megan was born on October 5, 2000. Her body, in the possession of Honey Rich, died on September 6, 2017.[5]
    • Megan's death date corresponds with the real release date of the comic her body died in.