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Quote1.png I may speak softly like the kitten, but I can be as ferocious as the tiger! Quote2.png
Mei Ling Hex src

Mei Ling was the wife of Jonah Hex.

They met in San Francisco, some time after her father and brother were murdered. She convinced Jonah to give up his life of violence so that they could lead a peaceful existence together in Colorado. On their way there, Mei and Jonah were harassed by a group of ruffians in a saloon, and Jonah was surprised to learn that his new wife was an expert martial artist capable of disabling an entire group of armed men. Jonah decided to merely wound their attackers, much to Mei Ling's delight as it convinced her that it was possible for her stubborn husband to change his ways.


  • Because this character is based on the Earth-One character of the same name, it is very possible that she, much like her Earth-One counterpart, is the mother of Jason Hex, who has already been introduced into the New Earth continuity.
  • Mei Ling's father and brother were murdered in San Francisco.[1]