Mekt Ranzz, alias Lightning Lord gained electrical powers after crash-landing on the planet Korbal with his brother and sister, and being charged up by the resident Lightning Beasts.[1]

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A Shocking Accident!

Born on Winath, Mekt was raised oddly, being virtually unique in that unlike all other Winathians, he had no twin. This unbalanced him, and drove him to having some antisocial and sociopathic tendencies. After gaining superpowers, Mekt left home without explanation, and began a criminal career across the Galaxy, using his abilities to take what he wished and kill whomever he pleased. During this period, at some point, Mekt began to use the name Lightning Lord. In the meantime, unaware of his new life, Mekt's brother Garth began searching for him, a task interrupted by Garth's joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. They wouldn't meet again until after Garth had left both the Legion and the Workforce, and was jailed by the Science Police in a case of mistaken identity for Mekt's murders. After busting Garth out of prison and taking him back to Korbal, where he attempted to massacre the Lightning Beasts, and announced his attention to kill both Garth, and their sister Ayla.[2] By eliminating all others with Lightning powers, as well as the creatures capable of imbuing others with them in the first place, Mekt intended to become unique once again as the only person alive with his special gift. When Ayla (using her SP contacts from the Legion) also showed up on the planet, the three of them fought it out. Although Mekt managed to sever Garth's arm with his powers, when Garth and Ayla teamed up and used their powers in tandem, they were able to defeat him. Mekt, drained of his electrical charge, was taken into custody by the Science Police.[3]




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