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Daughter of the leaders of the original Royal Flush Gang, Melanie Walker is a former criminal on the road to redemption. She acts as the Ten of Hearts in Neo-Gotham, fighting crime and hoping to get back together with the man she loves, Terry McGinnis.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth

Melanie was trying to have a new life after she served as the Ten of Hearts in her own parents' gang. Enamored of Terry McGinnis, Mel was trying, with the aid of her sponsor Jack Ryder, to let him see she had changed, in hope to have another opportunity to stay with him. After entering Wayne Manor and stealing a picture of her crush [1], Melanie came back as the Ten of Hearts to save Batman's life from the attacks of Payback and Stalker: doing these heroic acts, Melanie hoped that somewhere Terry was watching, understanding she was different from before. She didn't realize that Terry McGinnis was Batman.[2]

During the confrontation with the two criminals, Melanie was kidnapped by Payback, who realized Batman had a connection with her: while trying to save her, Terry got trapped and almost died, if not for the intervention of Robin, making his debut.[3] Melanie then met Terry outside Wayne Manor, confessed to him her love and told him she'd changed: Terry, even if still in a relationship with Dana Tan, kissed Mel, suggested he might want to have a story with her.[4] Then, as the Scarecrow launched a city-wide attack against Batman, transmitting fear through waves after hacking all the virtual assistant devices in town, Melanie fought alongside the Batman again, defending him against a Robin clearly out of his mind due to the effects of fear. As she did not possess one of the devices hacked by Scarecrow, Melanie was able to resist the manipulation: this also led Bruce to guess how the new master of fear was successful in controlling people while undetected.

To stop Robin from killing him, Batman decided to apply a radical solution to the problem, unmasking himself in front of the Boy Wonder, but also in front of Melanie: she discovered her crush, Terry McGinnis, was the Dark Knight. After the Scarecrow was put behind bars, Melanie confronted Bruce about the fact she now knew Terry and Matt's secret, with Mr. Wayne reluctantly accepting it due to her criminal past. Still, the words of Terry and of Mel's sponsor Jack Ryder convinced Bruce about putting trust in her. [5]


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