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Meleos is an angel who had a special sensibility for art.

He desired to encompass reality in his art, and for this he convinced Destiny of the Endless to let him see his Book of Souls. With this knowledge he created his best work, and his doom, the tarot cards of the Basanos.

Once he created the cards, he instantly trapped them within a box, as they were alive with their own malicious intentions. He tasked himself to take care of them and never release them, as he could not find it within himself to destroy his own art. For millennia he lived on the walking world as a human until Lucifer went to him to ask for a card reading from the Basanos. Meleos torn over this, as he didn't want to free the cards, and decided to destroy them. However, they were too strong for the old angel, and escaped to search for a human to host their power. For trying to disobey him, Lucifer burned the whole magical library of Meleos. Meleos' life on Earth was destroyed after this.[1]

The cards began making plans on their own, and Meleos began trying to stop them. When the Basanos killed Lucifer in his creation, Meleos took care of the burned body of the Lightbringer, and explained the nature and plans of the Basanos to Elaine Belloc, so she could save Lucifer. This was Meleos' way of taking revenge against Lucifer, as now he would have to live his life knowing it was because of Meleos. They fought a losing battle against the Basanos until Mazikeen with the Lilim came to the rescue of Lucifer's creation. The Basanos could not win, but could open a path into the cave where Lucifer was recovering. Basanos discovered then that all the fight was just a ruse to give Lucifer time to find Jill Presto, the host of the Basanos. Lucifer threatened to kill her if the cards didn't do as he said. The Basanos had been defeated, and destroyed themselves after Lucifer promised to let Jill and their sons live, unless they threatened him first.[2]

As Elaine Belloc died due to the Council of Meleos, he aided Lucifer in preparing an expedition to the Mansions of Silence, to recover her soul, but he did not participate in the travel.[3]

Meleos had a little part to play on the final confrontation of the forces of Lucifer against the forces of Lilith and Fenris. As God, Elaine tasked Meleos with recruiting Solomon to enact judgement against Cristopher Rudd, out of mercy.[4] After the great war, Lucifer recognized that the destruction of all creation was almost possible, in great part, due to the creation of the Basanos by Meleos, so, to avoid another creation of the same nature, Lucifer burned Meleos' eyes out. They would grow back again, eventually, but by then Elaine would had enough experience as God to take care of the problems, if any arise. Meleos' last words to Lucifer was a testament of his actions 'You reap what you sow, Lucifer. You're surrounded by horror and chaos because you birth horror and chaos!'. Lucifer left him alone, promising to give it a thought.[5]




  • Ancient Rules: As all inhabitants of the realms, Meleos is bound to old rules.



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