Quote1 This universe will die. The Anti-God will be reborn! All because of Darkseid's daughter. Quote2
-- Menalippe src

Menalippe was an Amazonian oracle and one of the two women who witnessed the bith of Darkseid's daugther.

On the same day Hippolyta's daugther was born, so was the child of Myrina, a birth she had foreseen but whose outcome she could not prophesy. As she delivered the newborn daughter, Menalippe received a vision of a terrible war between the infant's father and an Anti-God which will bring suffering and calamity to the entire universe.

Penelope tried to prevent such thing, but was no match for Myrina who decided to get rid of both her sisters to protect her child, resulting in the demise of both Amazons and Myrina's desertion as the first Amazon to abandon Themyscira.[1]


  • Foresight: As an Oracle, Menalippe could foresee conflicts, calamities and events long before they happen with accurate precision. Sights of horrible wars seem to have a toll on her.[1]