Year One (1940)

Wonder Woman asks Mera to help her break Steve Trevor out of his Amazonian prison before he can be executed. The three of them, then, head out to help prevent evil from taking over the world.

They are immediately attacked by Nazi forces on the coast of Greece and have their first taste of battle.

Mera joins up with the British Navy and helps them take down several German subs. They soon cross paths with Supergirl and Stargirl. Believing that they are enemies at first and battling it out, Mera soon finds out that they are both runaways. She makes peace with them both and they join her with the Navy fleet.

They eventually make port in London, where Mera discovers naval mines in the deep waters, as well as a Kraken that is controlled by the current ruler of Atlantis, Nereus, Mera's brother-in-law. She is able to defeat it, however, with the help of Supergirl, but at the cost of some of Mera's powers.

During the Battle of Britain, Mera focuses on attacks from the creatures of the sea. Eventually, she is drained of all her powers and, now mortal, is captured by Nereus' minions.

Year Two (1941)

When she escapes from their captivity, she is rescued by Arthur Curry and taken to his lighthouse on the coast of Ireland to recover. Over time, she bonds with Arthur and begins to fall in love with him. She seemed to have settled down nicely until Hagen, Cardinal of Atlantis, arrives to ask for her help in rescuing the kingdom from Nereus' control. He restores Mera's powers and she gathers her army to march on Atlantis.

Mera arrives in Atlantis only to find Nereus dead and her sister Hila in charge. The two of them battle it out over Hila's jealousy of her sister but Mera eventually gets through to her and the two of them get past their differences. Mera is crowned the Queen of Atlantis instead and offers her castle as a safe hold for German refugees.

Year Three (1942)

Mera is approached by Harley Quinn and Pamela Ysley who both ask her for permission to leave so that they may help with the famine in the Soviet Union. Mera gives them her blessing and provides them with enough food for the trip. For transportation, Mera also gives them her pet stingray, named Fawkes.




  • Dolphincart


  • Trident



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