The Mercenaries were Gordon (a one-eyed white American), Philip "Prince" Edwards (a black Englishman) and Horst Brenner (a blonde German). They were deserters from the French Foreign Legion who sought greater excitement and riches around the world.



  • They were introduced by Bob Kanigher and Vicatan in G.I. COMBAT #242 (1982) as a present-day counterpart to World War Two-Korea-Vietnam fare comprising most of the book. Eventually, the venerable "Haunted Tank" was bumped from the book altogether and the Mercenaries took the lead (#282; 1986). Unfortunately, the bland adventures of the trio did not take hold and the more interesting mix of characters in the Haunted Tank returned in #285.
  • The Mercenaries appeared in G.I. COMBAT #242, 244, 247, 249, 251, 253, 256, 258, 261-263, 265, 268, 271-274, 278-284 and 286, plus an entry in WHO'S WHO '86 #15.

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