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Mercy Graves was the driver, bodyguard and personal assistant to Lex Luthor.

Mercy Graves was born in poverty and ran with the wrong crowd. Recognizing a lot of himself in her, Lex Luthor took her under his wing. She became his bodyguard, confidante, enforcer and "hench-wench". Despite his treatment of her, Mercy genuinely cared about Luthor. When he was abducted by the Kryptonian menace Brainiac, she blamed herself for the lapse in security and searched doggedly for him, and she remained loyal to him even after he left her for dead after she helped rescue him.

When Lex Luthor was convicted, Mercy took over as CEO of LexCorp, as Luthor knew she would relinquish the position to him again should he ever be freed. She proved to be a surprisingly efficient businesswoman when she pulled the company out of bankruptcy and put it back in the black all on her own. Her methods were a bit cruder, however, seeing as how she lacked Luthor's genius. Her main tack in rebuilding LexCorp was to cut funding for programs and personnel she thought were too expensive, and to reduce the quality of the facilities built (i.e. using cheap electrical wiring).

Mercy admitted on several occasions that her relationship with Luthor was unhealthy, but for a long time just accepted it as what she owed him for pulling her out of the gutter. Time and again she put herself on the line for his benefit and time and again he treated her sacrifices with indifference and demanded even more from her. It was not until after the incident with Amazo that Mercy stepped out from under him and considered her debt as paid in full.[1][2]

Following Luthor's full pardon, Mercy remained CEO of LexCorp while he made his "run for the presidency". She also played a small role in Lex's plan to ruin Superman's reputation.[3]



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