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Meredith Clatterbuck is a fan, artist and writer of Harley Quinn comics that exist both within the DC Universe and as part of Jonni DC's Continuity Cop universe.

When Harley Quinn began to read comic book stories about herself, they were written and drawn by Meredith Clatterbuck. There were times when they reflected actual Prime Earth continuity, such as Harley's journey to Apokolips[1] and times when they only reflected Harley's imagination or desires, such as imaginary massacre of her mother's oncologist called "Harley Quinn: Medical Autopsy".[2]

Meredith professed that she was Harley's number one fan, and did not recognize that her zeal for creating out-of-continuity stories involving teenaged Harley, or Prom-date Harley was actually destroying the bounds of reality.[3]

When the Justice League Multiverse came to stop Clatterbuck from destroying reality, Jonni DC stopped the dogmatic Superman of Earth-22 from taking her away to an uncertain fate. And while Jonni told her than the punishment for destroying continuity could be the Phantom Zone or Earth-43; she instead gave her a job creating in-continuity Harley Quinn stories for a Prime-Earth associated DC Comics, and the danger, for the most part, passed.[3]

Clatterbuck became fast friends with Harley Quinn and Jonni DC, and appeared at Quinzel family gatherings. Meredith's comic book creations continued to appear in the pages of Harley Quinn, particularly as the Year of the Villain crossover event "The Offer" was written and illustrated in-universe by Clatterbuck, for Harley to read.[2]


  • Reality Alteration: On an unconscious level, Meredith Clatterbuck was changing reality by creating out-of-continuity stories involving Harley Quinn; particularly where those stories were then read by Harley Quinn.


  • Artistry: Meredith was a trained comic book artist, and able to work in a number of different styles, including that of Jack "King" Kirby.[2]
  • Storytelling: Clatterbuck was an imaginative creator of stories.


  • Passion: Jonni DC described passion as both Clatterbucks' greatest strength and greatest weakness; because of her corrosive effect on continuity.


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