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Merlin was once a wizard in the employ of King Arthur.

Early Life

Long ago, Merlin visited Hell to offer Lucifer a deal; for a means to protect Camelot. Lucifer accepted his offer and sent Etrigan the Demon to Earth, where Merlin was able to bond him to Jason of Norwich for eternity.[1][2] 


After King Arthur's death, Merlin continued to fight the forces of evil, and to that end, he founded Stormwatch. For hundreds of years, he recruited century babies and other heroes to help him, under the guise of Adam One.[3] But eventually he was replaced and "clinically killed" since this is the only way to enter the Cabinet's dimension.[4] Merlin later appeared in a dream to Jenny Quantum and explained to her the team's origins.[5] At some point, the extra-dimensional aliens known as "the Kollective" killed Merlin at the moment of creation, averting the Demon Knights' backstory for Stormwatch and effectively rebooting the entire timeline.[6] 

Demon Knights

Years later, Merlin was killed again by a daemonite-controlled disciple in the city of Alba Sarum in Camelot.[7] However, the Demon Knights are able to bring his body to Isle of Avalon, resurrecting him and then uses his mystical powers to help defeat the invading forces of Lucifer and Queen Questing.[8]

Infinite Frontier

Merlin later resurrected Arion as the Sapphire Knight.[9]

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  • Human-Demon Hybrid: As the son of Belial, Merlin possesses Demonic heritage, which grants him vast supernatural power.
    • Magic: Merlin is a renown and powerful sorcerer. As a human-demon hybrid, Merlin is capable of handling an amount of magic in which an ordinary human body is unable to contain. He was able to employ a Binding Spell that made Jason Blood and Etrigan nearly impossible to track.[10]
    • Immortality: Due to his demonic heritage, Merlin does not seem to age past his physical prime. He has been said to have walked the Earth for centuries.[15]
    • Superhuman Durability: Merlin is far more durable and resistant to injury than any ordinary human, stating to have wandered through the heart of a dying star.[13]
    • Superhuman Strength: Merlin possesses strength far greater than any ordinary human. He is strong enough to effortlessly punch a hole through a persons chest.




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