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The Terrific Whatzit was a speedy turtle, the uncle of Fastback of the Zoo Crew.

When Prince Highness and Prince Lowness bet on what would happen if a completely honest man was given incredible powers, they found Merton McSnurtle. As the laziest man around, McSnurtle was too lazy to ever commit a dishonest deed. The princes brought him to Vulcan, damaging his shell in the process. On Vulcan, McSnurtle was trained in athletics and arithmetic. What McSnurtle didn't realize was while that on Vulcan his weakling training efforts would translate to him being the most powerful man back on Earth. When the Princes sent him home, Prince Highness sent along an automatic conscience in his repaired shell that would pester McSnurtle until he was forced to act for good. Dressed in a heroic outfit, McSnurtle would fight crime as the Terrific Whatzit.[1]