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  • Hi, welcome to DC Database! Thanks for your edit to the Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo Vol 1 5 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • If you want to advertise a site, you'd have to ask it on the forum. But if it's only reviews, we generally don't do it. It has little encyclopedic value.

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    • They are actually literary treatments of comics. Scholarly articles that are later published in University Review - hence the name review- they are not fan reviews. I am a PHD student working on Comics as a study for the University of Toronto. But just to keep things along your policy lines, I am gonna stick with sharing these with our other partners, we post them to wikias to get feedback, from learned comic readers, before publishing. I thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck. My best.

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