aka Kyle van Zyl

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  • I live in South Africa
  • I was born on December 3
  • I am Male
  • Bio All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter - Jeff Buckley

    Oddly reminiscent of Jack Black. Professional loser. Average looking. Prone to sharing too much. My bank details are as follows.

    My jokes are ironic
    My depression is chronic
    I'm bordeline alcoholic
    So pass me that gin and tonic

    If you're reading this on either the Marvel or DC wiki then I'm one of your friendly neighbourhood mods. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns

    I'm the Lobo Force you Bastich. I ate the Phoenix and headbutted the Goblin so hard it exploded

    Savage put downs aplenty

    You can call me
    The Main Man
    Wonder Man
    Oh Captain My Captain
    Wilson Fix 😑
    Fixie Dust 😇
    Guy Factson
    And Kyle if you're not into the whole nickname thing

    I'm a Secret Warrior. But shhh don't tell anyone. It's a secret
    Possibly part of the Interrupter's Clan. Long story
    Totally not part of any hypothetical Secret Society of Moderators. Why do you ask?

    I'm the funny one
    I also hate indecision! Or maybe I don't

    Trending Today Marvel Edition archive (not up to date)
    Check out this post @Wikia:

    Jack Kirby is The One Above All

    Alan Moore is a God

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