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  • I was born on March 15
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  • Sandra Knight (New Earth)

    • Weight is not sourced.
    • Height is not sourced.
    • Eyes not sourced. "Blue-Green" isn't a category we use.
    • Large Breasts are not an unusual feature and is considered vandalism.
    • Personalized origin, not sourced.
    • Powers section incorrectly handled.
    • Abilities section incorrectly handled.
    • Strength section incorrectly handled.
    • Equipment section incorrectly handled.

    Thank you for the tagging and link errors which you fixed and updated. I realize this is a two year old edit and you'll be work and have been working to fix errors such as these I would just like to make sure you know which of these errors is still an error and we won't be seeing them again. Thank you once again, hope to see you around soon.

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