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  • Last year, you wrote a great summary of the Dr. Occult feature in New Fun Comics #6 in this edit: [1]

    If you have access to this issue, I'm wondering if Dr. Occult's assistant is actually given the name "Rose Psychic" in this issue. I don't have access to this issue, but several of the later issues are available at the ComicBookPlus site. In More Fun #7 she is simply called "Rose" (see page 29 of this). Her last name is mentioned in More Fun #19 (see page 13 of this). So I was wondering if maybe her last name wasn't specified in New Fun #6? Thanks!

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  • I see you're posting a lot of corrections on talk pages. Just go ahead and edit the actual page.

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    • The stuff I removed from New Fun was because it was info from dcindexes.

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    • Not all of it. The Buckskin Jim synopsis was all me, as was the Magic Crystal synopsis, and at least half of the Jack Woods. I even asked ahead of time if the Magic Crystal synopsis was worth adding, because at this point, it's an adventure strip in the same vein as the other two.

      I don't mean to make a federal case out of this, but I don't really see the need to exert myself if my work is going to be undone by the next guy who comes along, so I'll point out the mistakes, and you guys can fix them.

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