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  • Do not change heights and weights of characters. These are sourced and not subjective matters.

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    • Also:

      • Do not remove {{PEBoilerplate}}.
        • Side note: If you are adding or fixing a text block that is a Note about a Prime Earth revision/reintroduction of a character, please use this template.
      • Do not remove red links.
      • Try not to add pointless red links.
      • Appearances are added with {{A}}.
      • Edits that only remove spaces - that is going from 2 spaces to one at the end of a sentence are generally frowned upon. The system automatically reduces coded multiple spaces to a single spaced when the page is actually viewed.
      • Skills are added with the Category:Skills Templates and the must be sourced.
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  • Hi. If you're gonna add appearances to a comic, you need to do so by including the Appearance Template on the "Appearing" field. In American Alien #4, you need to include this:

    {{a|[[Richard Grayson (Prime Earth)|Dick Grayson]]}}

    This template will automatically categorize the appearances so you don't have to do it manually, as you just did.

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  • Hi, welcome to DC Database! Thanks for your edit to the Richard Grayson (Prime Earth) page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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