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  • Hello!

    Thank you for uploading new content to the DC Database project!

    We have lots of images in our database, 135,642 in fact, and in order to keep them organized we use a system of naming, categories and licensing added to each.

    1. Please review our Naming Conventions for Images. Images are categorized by name, so a descriptive name rather than a string of numbers is important.
      1. As a guide, look what other images in a character's gallery are called, and continue with the same name and number. If you upload a first image of a character, use "[Name] [Universe] 001". Do not use parentheses, or the full pagename. Ignore the Universe designation if it is a New Earth character.
      2. Issue covers should be given at least the title of the series, the volume and the number. A name similar to the issue is preferred: "Title Vol 1 1". Textless covers should be called "Title Vol 1 1 Textless". Files that do not indicate the issue number will be deleted.
    2. Images should be no less than 300px wide, unless no bigger image is available.
    3. Add the Image Template to the images you upload. This is mandatory. Fill it in as detailed here, or below.
    4. Selecting the proper license is vital to properly maintaining our images. Please choose the license which best describes the image you are uploading. The most commonly used are 'Comic Single Panel' and 'Comic Cover', respectively.
    5. Other fields that should be filled in: Issue, Subject1, Artist. Add Source if you've taken it from a different site. If you've taken it from a different site and don't know the issue, DO NOT UPLOAD IT.

    For a more in-depth guide, see Help:Image Template Hub. In addition, please take a moment to review our policies page and more specifically our image policy.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in reply to this post and our admins will explain how you can improve for next time.

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    As s source, you have to list the episode (full pagename).

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  • hiya

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  • I was told to eliminate the apn links on characters as majority of them are wrong anyways. :) At least with the Golden age sections.

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    • That's what I'm talking about, Kyle. The reason I joined the project was to fix some of these mistakes or sometimes even loop holes (like when an issue leads us to the next one, then next one and at some point it returns to the first one).

      My point is elimination of the feature is not a necessary option. Instead we can let it evolve to a better condition with efforts of other users. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's interested in it. And I know it sounds like impossible thing to do this with the high rate of characters appearance, but some years ago idea of making a database like this seemed damn hard too.

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    • If you'd like to fix stuff for golden age, or minor characters with long periods between appearances, I encourage that. However, we will probably not do anything to help you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to DC Database! Thanks for your edit to the Justice League of America Vol 1 252 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Hi Nikita. The apn is used to show a character's next appearance when they jump from one comic series to another, like from Lobo Vol 2 to Lobo Unbound. You don't need to use it for multiple sequential issues in the same title such as Lobo Vol 2 like you've been doing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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