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  • We're not making new pages for the New 52 characters reappearances.

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    • Also please don't add information into an article that hasn't been released. Please don't add characters to an article without the appearance tag that's on every single other issue we currently have. Single appearance, first name only characters that serve no purpose do not require indexing.

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    • I know that the new 52 are not being added as new characters but I would have guessed that the persons from earth-50 that appear on new earth should be considered different. I don't work a lot here so I'll go with wathever the regular agrees.

      About DC Universe presents I added the two television workers because they were named and because in many pages single appearance characters are listed, they don't get their own page but having them mentioned for references doesn't hurt does it? The one that I am sure you should not have deleted is the villian wich is identified as The Forgotten Lord (no other name given) as he is the antagonist of the Challengers of the Unkown in the three comics in wich they recently appeared. That makes him a character wich must be mentioned and wiich should have its own page.

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    • We've discussed this in great detail on more than a few talk pages as well as on the Database Chat which I'd implore you to check out to find out a bit on some unwritten rules and regulations.

      Whether it's the Dakotaverse, Earth-50, or the Vertigo characters in most cases it doesn't matter. These characters aren't on a new world just an adjusted timeline.

      Having unnecessary characters, named or not, listed in the index isn't helpful and makes the pages look messy. That's why they were removed. As for the Forgotten Lord, although he was named in passing you didn't index it correctly with the appearance tag nor was that even close to a name we'd like to use for a page.

      So until new information is revealed (hard to believe it will) on this "Forgotten Lord" character we'll just wait and see officially or if we get some sourced back up. Basically, it was shoddy work that I'd rather remove than attempt to fix since we have no information to add.

      Once that character receives attention we'll respond in turn. I'd hate to put speculative or misunderstood information on a page we'd have to later delete. Thanks for taking time to explain your opinion here, I understand your reasoning that much better now.

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