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  • hello,

    i've been referring to this wikia site whenever i look for new DC comics to read. but i cant help but notice that the Marvel Wikia is more "user-friendly" for comic readers like me, in terms of easier search criteria. i'm not an english speaker but i'll try to explain a bit what i meant.

    when you have a character in mind, say, Daredevil, on marvel wikia page, you'd simply need to type 'Daredevil Comic Books' on the search space on top of the page, then there will be a drop down (i'm not sure what it's called) saying exactly that: Daredevil Comic Books. then, once you click on it, you'll be redirected to all available Daredevil comic books in the exact order AND category of the character's many titles. by that i meant, you'll see the main title, namely "Daredevil" and all of its volumes, on the top of the page. when you scroll down, you'll see other titles featuring Daredevil, like the character's annuals, limited series, team-ups with other marvel characters, one-shots, and many other versions featuring Daredevil. you can check them here:

    so as someone who really loves DC Comics, i really wish that the DC Wikia page is as user-friendly as Marvel Wikia is. my suggestions here may not be heard or paid attention to, but at least i've tried giving my opinion about this.

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    • Our expectation in the way our site works is that searching a phrase like "Batman Comic Books" would be something someone does on google, and then finds our wiki, rather than something they search on the wiki.

      That said, our disambiguation pages act in this manner. If you were to search for Swamp Thing you'd end up on the Swamp Thing page. There, we list every version of the character in every universe. We list other media versions like the animated TV series. And then we list the comic books. For example, this section on the Swamp Thing page shows every series, one-shot, or graphic novel.

      In addition to that, we have categories like Batman Titles that list every volume that stars a character. One-shots are a sub-category of that main category.

      It may not be laid out in the same way as the Marvel Wiki is, but we pride ourselves (typically), on not using the same methods that they do.

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  • Can you move all the necessary Richard Grayson (New Earth)s?

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