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  • I live in Toronto, Canada
  • Bio I became a carpenter only to build shelves for my comics.
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  • I was wondering, since you've never read any Preacher, if you'd look at my progress on the following page and give me your thoughts on it. It's not finished yet, and since Jesse is the main character, it's practically going to be a series synopsis.

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    • Checked them out. Changed God's quote? I know. The guy says so much. The paragraph you added about the Angel of Death going to hell -I might change the sentense around to start with

      "the Angel of Death was playing a game of cards with Satan
      , "When the Saint of Killers was sent to Hell"

      Just to be clear the link between the two sentenses was the AoD.

      Liking everything else.

      Throne of God. Nice. I edited the data for the Image (it makes up a bit for me hosing up mine and Kyle having to fix it.). You'll see.

      Saint of Killer's revolvers. I think you mean Saint of Killers. I'll check it out. Just remember items don't get the (Universe) designation. I wish I would.

      Working on Krona's Power Gauntlet. Still getting material but will set down a page soon.

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    • Yeah, so in a brief bout of stupidity I messed up the Revolvers page, so I talked to Tupka and have it marked to be moved to "Divine Colt Walker Revolvers". The original name was too unwieldy, plus there's that typo.

      EDIT: yeah, the original quote, while it does capture God's ego nicely, doesn't effectively capture the vulnerability we see at the end of the series, which was an important part of the character for me.

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  • Quotes need to link to the full page name.

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  • Hi Bobbie

    My e-mail is Let me know what you need to run the show!


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  • Hi Roscoe,

    As an alternative to inserting it on random discussion board posts, I have decided to bring my announcement to your message wall. If you do not mind, I would like to simply add to this thread and let you know as time progresses when I post a new review. I highly value your insights as you tend to read and give thoughtful responses. I respect that you take the time, and I genuinely feel that your contributions help make the posts better. So thank you for that. As such, I tell you: Chartreuse (x2).

    Also, I like your bio.

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    • I actually saw that "Albert Einstein: Time Mason" was releasing! I found the idea intriguing enough that I was considering reading and reviewing it. Funny coincidence, eh?

      Spider-Man Noir was fun, but I will have plenty more passionate things to say about some of the DC titles I plan on reviewing soon (although not next!). My next review will be posted tomorrow on a comic from the indie publisher Oni Press.

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    • Oni’s pretty small. I only know them because my comic buddy collects Rick and Morty. Nice to pick up another review for a small publisher.

      If Time Mason is going to be your thing, I’m sure that i’ll have something to say. Years ago I picked up the ‘Charles Fort - Prophet of the Unexplained’ and was similarly disappointed at the possibilities that were left unexplored. It was still an ok read. I just expected more.

      “There are no coincidences when it comes to Manhattan”

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  • Is there any reason for uploading low quality shots of Superman with random rainbows?

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the DC Database community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to User:Roscoe Coaltrane!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at DC Database!

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    • Hi Tupka217. I have created a page on Yuda (Earth-One).

      I'd appreciate a once-over and a frank evaluation of what the style/ images/ footnotes/ categories etc need. I don't think you pull your punches and we're both grown ups here. 😭 Once I'm on stable footing I can get to other gods and the blanks (like 'Mithen') that I'm creating.

      Do you have a faster way to do images? A better template? Most of the afternoon was creating 'Yuda 001.jpg'. I'm sure it wasn't as complicated when I worked on the My Muppets wikia!

      Thanks and I value your feedback.


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    • The character page looked good, though I did rewrite the bio. There's no need to source every sentence.

      The image required more cleanup. The credits section is only for the credits of the image, not the comic. So if it's not a cover, it requires no Cover Artist credit.

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    • Noice. Thanks Tupka, especially the link to the ‘wikia activity’ so I can see what to do on the next one. Appreciate.

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