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The Meta Militia was a strictly regulated team of super powered warriors on Angor, the enemies of the Extremists.


Angor was a world of chaos. Metahumans were fighting in the streets, with little regard for the safety of one another, or even awareness of the innocent bystanders their brawls killed. So the hero known as Tin Man did the unthinkable - he ran for U.S. President on a platform of metahuman control. When he was elected, he brought the heroes together. From now on, they would save the world. However, in spite of the Meta Milita's good intentions, many metahumans did not want to have to join the Meta Militia, and these dissenters were arrested and incarcerated in conditions similar to those of a concentration camp. This issue, among others, led to the creation of the subversive group called the Extremists, who struck first when their leader, Lord Havok, killed Tin Man during a live broadcast.[1]

The Meta Militia continued to safeguard and better the world for several years, until the arrival of Monarch, who recruited them in a massive strike against the Extremists.[2][3] Unfortunately, this resulted in the deaths of most of the Meta Militia, except for their leader and Tin Man's successor Americommando, who was rescued (and arrested) by Blue Jay, who has the intentions of ending Meta Militia's harsh regime.[4] The current status of the Meta Militia is unknown.


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